The STT Bio GSM is a fingerprint biometrics unit designed to
allow access to authorised drivers and machine operators only.
This unit communicates to the control room via GSM.

How it works

The Bio GSM unit is fitted with a relay for control of a vehicles ignition, the power button of a machine or an electronic locking device.

The Bio GSM unit will require the driver or operator to scan their allocated finger for verification on the fingerprint sensor. This fingerprint template will have been previously sent to the intended unit. If the scan is authorized the driver/operator will be allowed to start the vehicle or machinery. This electronic transaction is stored with a time and date stamp and is sent via GSM to the control room for reporting.


Product Highlights

• User Verification
• Duress Print – Emergencies
• DAN (Driver Alert Notification)

The DAN is an important feature that is designed to confirm that the driver driving the vehicle, or operator operating the machinery, is still the same person that was verified on the BIO GSM at start-up. Failure to scan when prompted will result in a “failed to clock” signal being sent to the control room.


The list of vehicles and machinery that the Bio GSM
can secure is endless but here are a few:

Motorcars, Motorbikes, Trucks, Tail Lifts, Truck Doors, Cranes, Lifting Equipment, Mining Vehicles, Heavy Duty Pumps, Generators, Chair Lift Systems, Blast Hole Drilling Equipment, Crawler Systems, Tractors, Diesel Pump Stations, Airport Apron Vehicles

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